Is pets delivery so difficult?

Until recently, transporting animals was a simple matter: you collected animals, fixed them in the car and took them wherever you want. But this approach led to the fact that buyers were deprived of money due to scammers, and pets did not reach their destination due to uncomfortable and even dangerous conditions.

Animal welfare is now a priority in many countries, which has led to stricter transportation regulations.

How does the car delivery of pets work? 

1️⃣ The communication between the client and the company begins with the managers. They clarify the direction, breed and age of a pet, and then offer suitable delivery options, draw up a contract and issue an invoice for the payment.

2️⃣ After confirming the reservation of the date and place in the car, the logistician is involved in the work,he plans the route for the car, taking into account delivery to all addresses, stops for feeding and walking the animals.

3️⃣ All shipments are made from Moscow, so pets from other Russian cities arrive immediately before the trip or are kept at Animal Trips Zoo Hotel.

4️⃣ In Moscow, veterinary passports are checked or babies are sent to a clinic for making a veterinary passport, as well Euro certificates are issued, which are necessary to cross the border into Europe.

✅ There are two drivers on each trip, so they look after passengers at all times and can go without stopping to sleep. At each stop, the dogs are walked (strictly one at a time to avoid conflicts), and the cats' diapers are changed, all pets are fed and water is refilled. At each stage, photos and videos are taken and sent to customers.

Thus, at least 7 people are involved in the transportation process, including veterinarians and customs services. All this allows you to ensure the legal and safe delivery of four-legged babies