What kinds of pets transportation exist. Which to choose?

Travel for the pet is a stressful experience especially if it goes to other country.Animal Trips company has an 8-year experience and organised quite a lot pet travel to many countries.We transport fluffies with cars, by plane or cargo. 

1. Car transportation

Who needs it? Small pets that can feel bad during the flight. For example, some avia companies do not allow dogs and cats with flattened muzzles. So auto delivery is a good variant.

Also pet-owners often choose auto-delivery for more control at the route. Our autos are equipped with cams so any moment is recorded and can be demonstrated to the owner. What is more important drivers have approved stops to feed and walk with passengers. All our drivers have European license to accompany animals so they can hadle any challenging situation.Our autos are speciaaly equipped for pets. They contain stationary boxes, heating system and air-conditioners. So your pets travel with maximum comfort.

2. Plane transportation

When is it demanded? When the owner wants to minimise travelling time for his fur ball. Nowadays planes have heating and ventilation system. So that way is absolutely safe for little fluffy. 

Two variants of plane delivery exist: flight with a pet in cabin, as a passenger or as a special luggage.Plane transportation has a lot of conditions under which it is possible. Every avia company has its own regulations as do every country for pets entrance. 

3. Cargo transportation

This way suits for owners of outsize or non-standart pets such as some dog breeds or exotic animals that can be not transported in cabin or luggage.For that delivery method extanded documentation is required. 

If you need to organise a travel for you lovely one, contact us. Animal Trips will be glad to assist you.