How to avoid pet travel scams

So here are some tips to find out the scammers.

  1. Check the website. Some scammers use extra symbols in original address and can copy the design.
Our official sites are and
2. If you are requested to pay through non-refundable payment methods such as Western Union or MoneyGram instead of credit cards and PayPal.
We use only refundable payment systems and request payment after contract signing.
3. Scammers often use third-party mail providers such as Gmail or Hotmail.
We have own domain and never write directly to propose our services.
4. Scammers offer the lowest price. If you think “It-s too good to be true”, check the offer one more time. If your interlocutor tells only about money and asks nothing about the pet, this can be a scammer.
5. If you suspect a pet travel scammer, ask for extra information in social media or try another contact from official website. Official company will provide all the necessary documents such as licenses on request.