More than 200 fluffy passengers in May!

221 little cuties went to new homes with Animal Trips! 80 cats and 63 dogs flew in cargo and 78 tails travelled by car with careful drivers.

In May we came through all the bureaucracy connected with weekly changing European and Russian import and export laws. Thanks to that we delivered 100 tails more than in April.

Routes in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan also remain popular.

Animal Trips organised trips to countries with challenging import rules such as Qatar, Sri-Lanka and Phillipines. Palette deliveries that are much cheaper for the client finally got trust from clients and there are large deliveries, with 10, 20 and more animals. The aristocratic kittens and puppies from Russia are popular in Asia whereas in Europe people often prefer homeless pets even with difficult personality.

Definitely we continue to improve and grow our practise and services quality. Thanks to all who trusted their little ones to Animal Trips.