Pet's personality

Every fluffy traveller has its own personality. So each of them reacts individually on the trip. Some can be shy and sit in the corner, others will sleep. And some can become nervous and show the strong personality.

In case to avoid possible problems, it is better to notify the airport stuff about the pet's character.

Such dog breeads as such as the American Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, Argentinean Mastiff, Kangal (the list may vary in different countries) and large dogs can only be transported in special wooden boxes that ensure the safety of both the tail and the airport personnel. This is not connected with any agression, as some people think, but with the size and strength. Strong large dog can break the plastic transport box. Also wooden box is more comfortable than metal cage.

Animal Trips provides wooden boxes for the transportation. They can be use only once and after the desinfection we send them to adoption centers.

Speaking of the auto transportation, the comfort and safety of stuff and tailed passengers depends of the derivers' profrssionalism and experience. Animal Trips autos have stationary boxes of different size. And our drivers are well-trained to work with animals and can handle any behaviour.